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Meet Our Neighbors: Milk+

Updated: May 23, 2023

Located in the Central 9th neighborhood, Milk+ is one of the newest additions to SLC's LGBTQ+ nightlife scene. To kick off Pride month (and chat about their upcoming Pride weekend festivities) we happily stopped by for a couple of cocktails and a Q&A with co-owner/founder Brent White.

Photography: River Stephenson
milk+ salt lake

Homeworks: So, how did this place come to be? And why the name Milk+?

Brent White: I used to call people by different types of day I was spilled milk, while the next day I was coconut milk--and I loved Le Leche and chocolate milk! Then about five years ago the SLC gay scene was growing and I decided I would like to do a LARGE queer bar where all "milks" were welcome. I had the concept for a while but just let it marinate, until I found the perfect space on Harvey Milk Blvd. I added the "+" and went off to the races. It was a struggle through Covid, but I really believed SLC deserved a larger, nicer, safer space of expression for the Queer community. I feel that the time is right, but it was a long process of waiting for liquor licenses, building, and COVID!

Hw: Why is showing support for the LGBTQ+ community so important to you?  

BW: I have been in Utah for 28 years and have been a part of the community. It's my lifestyle and has been a fight raising a child in Utah for the past 18 years in a bi-racial relationship. It is especially important to push boundaries and bring Utah current in the LGBTQ+ movement. I have seen such growth and change in the community, yet embedded is huge discord and disconnect. I would love to see a better connection within the community.

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Hw: What sets Milk+ apart from other late-night spots in the Downtown area?

BW: Milk is different as we have a larger space, welcome all "milks", offer a full kitchen, prioritize safety, and provide excellent service. Our focus is to have something for all types to enjoy.

Hw: What can we expect from Milk+ for the upcoming Pride weekend?  

BW: Our pride celebration will be from Thurs-Sun. We are combining our outdoor parking lot and inside into a disco euphoria. Outside will have a main stage, VIP tent, Vendor Tents, food, and more bars. There will be even more space to dance, and we will still have all the areas inside as well. We have curated amazing talent and DJs throughout the weekend and plan on having a show every hour spread out throughout the festival to keep everyone entertained and moving! It's going to be amazing, and the premier place to be.   

Hw: What do you see in the future of this sweet new spot?

BW: We have just scratched the surface for our vision and the future of Milk+.  There are so many new and exciting things to come that SLC has never experienced or seen in the bar industry here. We are going to transform the entire bar experience as we build into the future. Our sweet spot is definitely dancing into the night, but I believe where we will shine in the future is our creativity and themes for the weeknights that will get the community united.  

Hw: Finally, anything you’d love for SLC to know about Milk?  

BW: We are open Wednesday through Sunday, and are not just the place to go to finish the night and dance--we are the place to be to eat, drink, connect, and vibe with others in the community.  

gay bar salt lake city

milk+ salt lake city


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