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Homeworks Property Lab is a Salt Lake City-based real estate boutique with an enduring belief in the power of home and the skilled professionals to help you find it.

The importance of transparency and experience in the home-buying and -selling processes can’t be overstated. Our property consultants are locally established and client-focused, and we understand that “pride in place” shouldn’t be contingent on price point. 


Our approach is inclusive and straight-forward: we’ll work with you to establish expectations, and do our damnedest to surpass them. From the first intake meeting to the moment we hand over your keys, we’ll maintain a clear line of communication and see you through every last step.


Everyone’s version of the perfect home looks different—it’s our job to find yours.

“There is an invaluable bonus to working with a professional who understands the timelines, financial pieces, and legalities that many realtors don't grasp.”

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Leigh Anne Bernal, Principal Broker  |  801.244.7255  |  @leighanne.bernal

In just over 12 years, Leigh Anne Bernal has established herself as a profoundly hard-working and scrupulous agent and broker. Along with 20 years experience in finance, she brings invaluable expertise in the investments and renovations of her own properties, and is a skilled and assertive negotiator for her real estate clients. Amassing a volume of roughly $230 million in that time, Leigh Anne has established herself as an agent who makes quick work of a seamless buying/selling process. Add to all this a self-proclaimed proclivity for spreadsheets and a keen eye for design, and you’ve got the perfect blend of business and pleasure, no matter your real estate needs. 


Camilla Granåsen, Realtor  |  310.890.2211  |  @goforcamilla

Armed with a knack for helping folks from all walks discover what they’re searching for in a home (and a keen sense for leading them to it), Camilla Granasen has been immersed in the world of real estate sales since 2008. Her work in the industry is bolstered by dual licensing here in Utah and in California, and her time in Los Angeles included work on multiple real estate and home-renovation shows. She has overseen numerous remodeling projects from start to finish, and as such, she brings a unique perspective that’s informed by experience with production, reformation, and construction. Throughout her career, Camilla has successfully helped clients with every transaction type, from cabins and condos to multi-million dollar properties, making her well-suited to assist, no matter the budget. Her personal sense of style leans European, though she prefers to blend it with elements that reflect her travels around the world. As Camilla sees it, working in real estate requires a very real understanding of the special relationship between those who live in each space and the experiences that take place there. She’s as dedicated to the experience of searching for your home as she is to the outcome of finding it.

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He's been an agent for nearly 5 years, but Zach’s experience in real estate more aptly mirrors that of someone with decades in the game. A graduate of the University of Utah where he studied Mass Communications, he also amassed experienced in massage therapy and news production prior to making a career shift to the real estate industry. With a total volume of just over $25 million, Zach has worked with clients in a multitude of areas, including Capitol Hill, Park City, and everything in between, and he recognizes the necessity for individualized client care and extreme diligence in every transaction. Having purchased and sold several remodeled properties of his own, he has keen sense of investment, namely via returns on improvements. Clients of his can expect nothing short of transparent communication and a warm, welcoming hand.


Candace Fite, Associate Broker  |  801.389.6667  |  @fiteandco

A mystifying blend of optimism and work ethic, Candace holds a fervent passion for people. With over a decade in the industry—and her broker’s license since 2012—she has serious experience and impressive negotiation skills, but Candace holds the biggest place in her heart for connecting with humans from all walks. And, while she can say that she’s stepped foot on every continent on earth, her home in Ogden—where her husband and two kids reside—always calls her back. Candace revels in communication and the breaking down of barriers, and clients past and present can attest to the extra miles (both literally and figuratively) she’ll go to for them long after closing. That permanent smile is authentic, but don’t be fooled—she’s a formidable ally to have on your side of the negotiation table, and the perfect agent to get you home.


Chloé Brookham, Realtor  |  801.652.5716  |  @rossandchloe

Chloe Brookham has worked diligently in the world of real estate since 2017. She particularly loves helping first-time home buyers with what can often be a daunting process, and she finds that this is a field where her propensity for both problem solving and design come in very handy. A previous librarian’s assistant, here you’ll find an agent who’s as well read and helpful as she is experienced. Chloe is also an avid, so you’d be hard pressed to find a project that she can’t tackle with a little time and ingenuity. Having remodeled two properties with her husband Ross, it’s her inclination to smart design that stands out in favor of her clients, and she’s happy to dispense help or fresh ideas for a project of any kind. Chloe’s typically outdoors—whether for the purpose of camping or gardening—but if she’s not in Utah’s back yard or her own, she’s probably occupied by showings, contracts, and negotiations. Lucky clients.


Ross Brookham, Assoc. Broker & Realtor  |  801.657.0206  | @rossandchloe

Licensed since 2016, Ross is an associate broker and determined negotiator who brings experience in all product types, from luxury homes to vacation condos and modest bungalows. He’s worked with investors for casual remodels and multi-million dollar developments, as well as individuals in all price ranges and first-time buyers with limited market knowledge, and no matter the transaction, this is an agent who prides himself on providing an elite level of service. A licensed handyman with a passion for remodeling and an eye for good design, Ross is equipped to soar well beyond client expectations, whether he’s offering complimentary staging services or pre-listing repair coordination. Having lived in Utah for more than 15 years, he’s well-acquainted with our neighborhoods and outdoor destinations, and if he’s not spreading the word about our state’s many special qualities, you’ll likely find him cooking, hosting, or pedaling around the city with his littles in tow.

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Melissa Lipani, Realtor  |  801.419.2464  |  @melissalipani

Melissa comes to real estate professionally after years as a hobbyist assisting with photography, blogging, and social media in the industry as a side hustle and means of gaining trade knowledge. Before making the official jump, she spent nearly 12 years as an animal welfare professional, where she developed lifesaving programs for shelter pets across the country while fostering hundreds of rescue dogs in her own home. A self-professed nature nerd, Melissa spends her free time climbing, mountain biking, and enjoying the mountains and deserts of Utah. This connection to the outdoors has been something of an impetus in Melissa’s desire to match buyers with a home that enables them to connect with the world outside. In doing so, she’ll utilize her expertise and client-focused energy to ensure that each client transaction be as timely as it is thorough.


Adam Compton, Realtor  |  801.680.4361  |  @mistercompton

A quintessential people person, first and foremost, Adam's interests lie primarily in the creation and preservation of genuine human connections, both personal and professional. An active supporter of and participant in Salt Lake City’s arts and music communities, his years of enthusiastic involvement have contributed to an impressive network of local contacts. Adam's real estate resources are matched tenfold by his far-reaching familiarity with—and passion for—the Wasatch Front, and clients of his will benefit from well-informed insights on everything from neighborhoods to local businesses and ski resorts.  A balanced blend of assertiveness, sincerity, inquisitiveness, and compassion, he's a much needed addition to the world of real estate...but his highly effective negotiation skills make Adam an exceptional ally for your next transaction.

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Keni Nelson, Realtor  |  605.929.6018 | @kenisuenelson

Originally from South Dakota, Keni Nelson has now called Salt Lake City home for a decade. To prove it, she's made it her job to know every mountain peak and downtown patio so that she can show newcomers to ensure they feel right at home. Apart from gardening and entertaining, Keni’s also working on her wine certification, but her truest passion lies in helping people accomplish their real estate goals, whether that’s putting down roots, growing their portfolio, or dabbling in both. When it comes to negotiating, Keni’s no shrinking violet: Golfing competitively in college equipped her with grace under pressure (something that comes in handy during real estate transactions). Having worked in PR, politics, event planning, and marketing, she's as driven as she is affable, and she brings both aspects to the table as she helps others find a place of their own.


Liz Elias, Realtor  |  562.322.7955  |  @MidModUtah

Prior to moving to Utah and attaining her real estate license, Liz Elias spent 15 years in commercial property management in Southern California, and it was during this time that she glimpsed bits of the industry she would soon join. While living in Long Beach, she owned a Cliff May-designed mid-century modern home—since traded for a beautiful Ron Molen in Farmington—and her obsession was ignited. Liz became a fervent advocate for mid-century design and started @MidModUtah, a social media account with a fixed focus on bringing fellow admirers the most recent MCM listings and updates in Utah. Notwithstanding her love for mid-mod, Liz has helped folks buy and sell all styles and sizes of home, no matter the location or price. With clear communication at the top of her list, Liz guides clients toward spaces that nurture and inspire.


Kayla Bobzien, Realtor  |  605.440.2264  |  @segolilysalt

Equipped with a degree in business marketing from the University of Montana, Kayla is well-suited to meet the demands of even the most competitive real estate market. Here, clients will find a realtor that is not only highly acquainted with the negotiation process, but also skilled in contract execution, thanks in part to more than a decade spent in finance and business management (with a federal land management agency, no less). Though Kayla isn’t a Utah native, she’s been living like one for the last 9 years: upon moving, she made it a point to fall in love with all the requisite outdoor activities and to acquaint herself well with Utah. In exploring the Salt Lake valley in its entirety, Kayla’s become something of a resource for finding local businesses, great neighborhoods, and public spaces. She’s also punctual, professional, and a clear communicator with a strong work ethic…checking every box on your list, this one.


Kate Blake, Realtor  |  801.391.3681


Jenny mew.jpg

Jenny Compton, Transaction Coordination/Realtor  |  801.661.2759

With more than 15 years in the industry, Jenny has an immeasurable knowledge of the ins, outs, and tiniest minutiae that come with executing a successful transaction. She’s seen real estate deals of all kinds throughout her storied career—meaning she’s familiar with transactional highs and hiccups of all types—but her particular skillset lies in the realm of client care that goes well beyond a handshake and impressive name recall. A true workplace wonder, we’re thrilled to have Jenny on our team, and we think once she’s shared a shred of her experience and bedside manner with you, you’ll see exactly why.

Michelle, Operations/Accounting  |  801.810.8696

A diverse professional background affords Michelle the varied skills to keep our clients happy and our offices running smoothly, and her well-rounded disposition is showcased perfectly by a field of expertise that comfortably marries left- and right-brain thinking. Forever creatively driven, Michelle pursued degrees in both Photography and Art History from Weber State University, after which she took up a 13-year residence at one of the Wasatch’s biggest resorts as accountant/office manager (and that’s to say nothing of her snowboarding prowess). Her knack for details and affinity for hospitality create an office environment that’s as organized as it is enjoyable--and a client experience that’s downright delightful.

Michelle mew.jpg
“Now that I understand the unbearable minutiae that comes with selling a home, I can honestly say I'd rather be buried under my next house than try to sell it without an experienced realtor.”


Located in downtown SLC, our office at 66 Exchange Place is flanked by some of the city's most beautiful historic buildings and countless restaurants and bars. With a quick visit, you're all but guaranteed endless options for a good lunch and the perfect realtor.

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