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Hw Homeroom: Spring Cleaning 101

Ooooh, Spring. Yes, we’re still in the midst of it—even if we’re already feeling the sting of summer heat—and it’s still as good a time as any to get outside for some hiking, camping, or picnicking. But it’s also still a good opportunity to get all of that cleaning out of the way before the real high temperatures have you sweating.

There are plenty of ways to de-clutter or simply cut down on the amount of “stuff” in your space, but they do all require a chunk of your time and the willingness to truly assess what’s needed and what can go. And sometimes, that's the tough part: parting with your things can come with some emotional hurdles. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself you will eventually use it, even though you haven’t touched it since it was purchased (“it” = exercise equipment, clothing, outdoor gear, or anything else you’ve got stored away), or perhaps there’s some sentimental value attached the item in question. We’re not encouraging an all-encompassing sweep that leaves you feeling empty…keep what you like and get rid of what you don't!

A good rule of thumb? If you haven’t used it in the last year, chances are, you won’t use it in the year to come.

Maybe a glance at your home reveals little but a clean, tidy space with only the necessities. But there might be items in lesser-visited places—say, under the bed or the stairs, in that forgotten bathroom closet, or in the bottom 3 drawers of any given dresser. Your outdoor spaces should be on the chopping block too. It’s just as important to give the shed a run-through each year in an effort to get organized. If your closets are maxed out, your storage room filled to the brim, or your garage impossibly stuffed with everything but your car, it’s time to get to work. Some things may be in rough shape and ready for the trash, but if you can donate, do it!

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Homes have a weird way of absorbing stuff. New things arrive, they see some initial and sporadic use, then they tend to get tucked away—usually to be forgotten entirely—and the cycle continues. That “buy it, try it, set it aside” mentality isn’t necessarily intentional, but we’re human…so a good, yearly run-through can reveal your habits, and help alleviate unnecessary items (maybe even help to change said habits). Bottom line: a lighter house is a lighter you. It can be an overwhelming task, spring cleaning, but there’s good news: we can recommend some helpful professionals who will aid in the process! Give us a call anytime.


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