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Home Sweet Homeworks: Sarah Lyman

Sarah's Cozy, Artistic Space

In recent years, Central Ninth has kind of become something of a hot spot in Salt Lake City. The area includes some of our favorite haunts, like Water Witch, Central Ninth Market, and Laziz (to name just a few). In truth, you'd be hard pressed to find a better area to spend an afternoon or evening.

Central Ninth is also a hotbed for growth, and you'll find quite a lot of construction and projects in the neighborhood. Luckily, it's all accompanied by some of the best folks, and one such person is our friend Sarah Lyman, who made this neighborhood home in 2018. Sarah was kind enough to let us visit her art-filled home—it's full of personal mementos, a cozy ambiance, and the all-encompassing feeling of welcoming that she shares with all who cross her threshold...

Any favorite memories in the house? Or things you hope to do here that will become memories?

Aside from breaking my leg within the first month of moving in and dealing with living on three levels…I’d say one of my favorite memories was my “Art Warming” party. It was a house warming, but I also had some of my dear friends, who are talented artists, help curate the space. I was previously living in 700 sq. ft., and found myself with some big empty walls. Adam Bateman and Andrew Rice loaned me some of their pieces for the party. We ended up selling a bunch, but I am lucky to have a few still on the walls.

Despite the pandemic being “over” I realized recently that I haven’t hosted a party/event in a while. I love doing that. I love hosting and having people at my house.

What does your design process look like?

Texting links of things I like to friends who share a similar aesthetic and/or are people whose style I admire. But yeah, most of the objects are found and special to me.

What inspires you? What are your future plans for the space?

Nostalgia inspires me. All the things on my walls or on my shelves have a story. The boxing gloves from a Halloween party in college, a plastic viking helmet from a dear friend’s celebration of life (yes, we dressed up as vikings for the occasion), and of course, the skulls and taxidermy duck.

I really want curtains but have been stuck between navy and olive for a year now. Taking suggestions. I’d also like to do some really loud wallpaper in the bathrooms at some point.

Do you have a favorite room in the house?

I think my main floor (dining/kitchen/living room) is the most curated and “complete” space. I work from the dining room table (still) and I actually love it. I don’t like being sequestered in a bedroom for my workday.

Which spaces have you found yourself in most frequently? Does that surprise you?

I spend a surprising amount of time in the least “exciting” room which is my downstairs guest room. I kinda converted it into a gym. I have my bike on a trainer (during the winter months) and do my yoga/workouts there.

How about the location? Where do you find yourself frequenting beyond the front door?

Well, I go to the 7/11 next door to pick up my Amazon packages quite a bit. Ha! I love Central Ninth and what it will be someday. It’s admittedly been a bit rough the last year or so with SO much construction, but I am excited to see the neighborhood change and really look forward to the street improvements that are more focused on bikes/pedestrians. I love venturing to the Jordan River Parkway (most underrated/overlooked SLC open space, in my opinion) for bike rides. We’ve got coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, etc and more on the way.


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