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Home Sweet Homeworks: Kim & Dan

Updated: May 23, 2023

Kim & Dan’s Recent Remodel

Looking for a little DIY inspo for your next interior design project? Kim and Dan's recent remodel incorporated repurposed lumber from a past project. Find out where it came from—and where it was used—below.

DIY Daydream

Homeworks: What’s your very favorite feature of the home? Tell us why.

K&D: Our favorite feature of the home for the two of us is by far the living room. The warmth and aesthetic of the wood wall and wood bookshelves is something that we are both really drawn to. One of the first projects we undertook at the start of our relationship was the demolition of an old shed at my first house. And now those old, re-purposed roofboards have become an aesthetic centerpiece of the new living space. 

Photography: River Stephenson

Hw: Any favorite memories in the house? Or things you hope to do here that will become memories?

K&D: Currently our favorite memory would be the first week of our house renovations. Not because of the crazy amount of work that we put in over about 7 days, but because of the fact that my parents and little brother flew out to help with the initial full clean, carpet removal, bathroom and kitchen gut, and the painting of every single wall and ceiling…and on top of all of that, it was the first time that Kim met my parents and family! So, talk about “either a situation that could go great, or absolutely terrible”. And now, a year later, that week is a moment that completely started the transition of our house into a beautiful home, but it’s also a memory we get to share together with my family. 

Hw: What’s your design process?

K&D: Dan comes up with the vision. Dan pitches the idea or ideas to me. I edit or criticize said idea…but really we collaborate back and forth until we’re both excited about an aesthetic direction. And then Dan creates, builds, and executes, usually adding an exciting design flair at the end…sometimes with me help. 


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