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5 Easy Ways to Sell Your Home for More

If you’re considering a move and planning to list your home anytime soon, you’ve likely been paying attention to the Salt Lake real estate market—it’s always a good idea to stay informed on average sales prices, days on market, or the kind of competitive offer scenarios sellers are seeing. The truth is, no matter the market conditions, there are always a few moves that will make selling your home quicker, easier, and more financially rewarding. 

Not everyone has the time or ability to embark on a major overhaul—kitchen and bathroom remodels are a great way to recoup your investment, but they require a sizable chunk of money (and a good deal of planning) up front. So what about the more affordable things you can do in and around your home now?

Let’s talk about the home-improvement efforts that will enable you to sell quickly and get the returns you’re hoping for without breaking the bank or pushing out your list date.


Hire a Homeworks Realtor

Securing a good realtor is step one. Finding someone who is transparent about the process, experienced, and capable of negotiating both contracts and pricing with ease is an invaluable move that will save time and ultimately, bring more money. We have 12 such skilled agents at Homeworks—and a professional photographer, because outstanding images are incredibly important—and we’re happy to help anytime.

Add Some Curb Appeal

Try to take a look at your home through the eyes of a stranger from the street. What can you do to give it a bit of that proverbial curb appeal? Consider adding a fresh coat of stain, if needed, to the fence or porch.  Give the house, driveway, and sidewalk a good pressure wash. Paint your front door to brighten things up and solidify that first impression (find a nice complementary color to the house). And if possible, add a few freshly potted plants near said door or on the porch for a little added allure.

Freshen Up Your Yard

Speaking of curb appeal, landscaping is a big way to make a good first impression. Make sure the front yard looks its best by watering and mowing the lawn and removing dead plants or trees, and replacing them with new ones. Address dead grass or dry spots with a little prep and a handful of seeds. Likewise, freshen up the back yard, and see if you can find ways to add some charm. For example, dust off that rickety dining table and add a potted plant, hang a few rows of string lights, or add some mulch in neglected garden areas.

Tackle Those Repairs

It’s a good idea to think in terms of functionality here, rather than unnecessary updates—start with the issues you might notice as a buyer. Paint any rooms that need it (don’t ignore the trim), as this will cover any scrapes or imperfections, but it also gives buyers a bit of a blank slate. Be sure to patch holes or dents throughout, and if any hardware is broken or damaged, replace it with shiny, new pulls and handles. Change light bulbs or repair any fixtures that aren’t working, and replace damaged screens. If the toilet is running incessantly or the caulk around the tub is pulling off, now’s the time to fix both.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Not enough can be said for a tidy home, especially as strangers scrutinize every last nook and cranny in deciding whether or not to make it their own. Now’s the time to do a deep cleaning, and if you’re not up for it, we highly recommend spending a little money to find someone who will do a great job. Clean those windows and floors, get every inch of your kitchen and bathrooms to sparkle, wash your bedding, and dust everything in sight (bonus points for organizing/editing while you do it). And do NOT forget to make sure your home smells nice—open the windows, light some candles, or bake some cookies. Because good smells sells (you heard it here).

Going the Extra Mile?

Maybe you’re interested in making some bigger updates or remodeling extensively, which is also a good idea, if you have the time and can afford it. If this is the case, there are certainly a few areas worth focusing on: new or updated hardwood flooring, basement and attic conversions to living space, and bathroom and kitchen upgrades/remodels all have a great return on investment. This article on HGTV offers a helpful breakdown of the average return at resale for 15 different home updates.

Keep in mind, there are always ways to improve your property and get it market-ready, no matter what you’re looking to spend. And if you’ve got any questions on where (or how) to start, we’re here to help.

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