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Hw Homeroom: Selling in the Summer

Utah’s housing market tends to mirror our temperatures in the summertime—which is to say, things are usually pretty hot. Data varies a bit based on source, but April and May are both often cited as the most popular months for home purchases in our state, with things remaining pretty busy for the months to follow. (Really, Utah tends to perform well, save for late October through February/March, when we see a guaranteed substantial dip in the market).

If you’re thinking of selling this summer, we’ve got plenty of stellar agents who’d love to help! Prepping your home is a good idea no matter when you decide to put it on the market, but it’s worth keeping in mind that a few details might be higher on a buyer’s list of “must haves” when the weather is sweltering and the sun is out…

Create Curb Appeal

When the weather is warm, folks on the hunt for home expect to see it in its most enticing state, so this can be a big one. Start with those things that are noticeable from the street. Spray down or sweep your driveway, and if you have a porch, spruce it up with a sitting area or a couple of plants. Lawns should be green and mowed, and, if possible, planter boxes in bloom. Clean up that front door (or give it a fresh coat of paint), and consider adding a new welcome mat for the proverbial cherry on top. Think, “Honey, stop the car!” and they probably will.

Don't Forget the Back

They won’t see it from the street, but once buyers wander to your backyard, you’ll want to enable them to envision all the possibilities. BBQs, a game of Cribbage on the deck, pups running in circles, a lazy game of croquet, etc. If your yard is tiny, no worries—utilize that small space to create something cozy and welcoming. Even a wee bistro table/umbrella or a hammock and a few string lights will be attractive to those who value outdoor space.

Look Out, Windows

In addition to making sure your windows open and lock properly and your screens are in working order, we suggest a good cleaning. If you can, bring in the professionals—it makes a big difference, particularly if it’s been a few seasons since they’ve been washed. But even if you do it yourself, what matters most is giving that sunlight every opportunity to pour in (and potential buyers the ability to take in the views).

Keep It Clean 'n' Cool

Walking into a nice, cool home in the heat of summer feels lovely—and that feeling is likely to make a good impression on potential buyers. Find a temperature that will lend some relief without upping your bill too much. Do your best to de-clutter before showings begin, and keep things as tidy as possible (example: clear off those kitchen counters). Staging can be helpful, but if it isn’t in the budget, consider details that might feel welcoming to those wandering through your property. Fresh flowers, neutral bath towels, a few new plants, and the smell of some good candles will go a long way.

Enlist Help

No matter when you decide to sell, we always suggest you get the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent. While it may be tempting to list your property on your own, you should never underestimate the details involved with real estate transactions. We're here to negotiate the best prices, manage your open houses, and make sure the contracts read precisely how they should (among plenty of other things). This is a stressful process...but we're here to make it easy for you. Contact us anytime to discuss selling, buying, or just to ask a few questions!


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