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What Clients Can Expect from Homeworks Agents

We understand completely what a major undertaking it can be to buy or sell a home—as we’ve all heard, the process of moving sits forebodingly in the top-5 list of life’s most stressful possible events (sandwiched somewhere between death, divorce, and doing your taxes, we assume). The Salt Lake City real estate market, in particular, is an ever-evolving landscape of fluctuating trends. There are so many working pieces to buying and selling—agents are an invaluable resource in helping you navigate the fine points and minutiae.

There are a LOT of real estate professionals to choose from, of course, but it’s important that you choose someone who knows how to truly show up. 

By this, we mean an agent who’s as invested in the success of your purchase or sale as you are. The Homeworks team is small, but mighty. Case in point: with a lineup of just 12 agents, we saw a total sales volume of over $82 million in 2023. We’re here to listen, learn, and leave you happy. 

Here are 6 things you can expect from every Homeworks agent for every transaction:

  1. Availability: Communication is a huge part of this work, whether it’s with you, other agents, inspectors, or lenders. We’re accessible, and we work as a team to make sure everything is handled. Questions will come up. Just call us, email us, or shoot us a DM—we'll show up and get them answered.

  2. Education: We don’t expect you to understand all the crazy details that come with buying or selling a home. After years of experience, we still encounter new obstacles and unforeseen challenges with nearly every deal. But our experience is yours to exploit! We want to talk you through as much or as little of this process as you want to know. Ask away. It’s literally our job.

  3. Resources: When you purchase or sell a home, it’s easy to forget how many others are involved in some capacity or another. Lenders and realtors and inspectors, sure. But what about the appraisers, title agents, photographers, remodeling contractors, stagers, cleaners, and movers? Our point is this: we have connections. Over the years, we’ve built invaluable relationships with hard working, honest, and helpful folks who can help with every step of the process.

  4. Advice/Guidance: We’ll meet your curiosity with candor and your uncertainty with the kind of confidence that comes from years in the game. We can teach you the ins-and-outs of the market, but it’s also important that you feel like you have an ally in this. Straightforward and well-informed guidance can be hard to come by, but it’s one of our favorite parts of this process.

  5. Foresight: Anticipating market shifts and client needs requires an anticipatory mindset. We do whatever we can to stay ahead of the curve, so we can proactively identify any potential obstacles and sidestep the chaos. Changing trends (and minds) are all a part of the process, but we’d like to navigate it all with as little stress as possible for our clients.

  6. Assertiveness (with Finesse): We’ve mentioned it once, but it bears repeating—the Salt Lake City real estate market is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re staring down the barrel of record-breaking prices or record-breaking mortgage rates, successful negotiation requires tenacity and tact in equal measure. We’re here to lend both on your behalf.

Head to our "About" page to learn more about the agents that make up the Homeworks team, and reach out anytime to find the right person to help with your next big move in Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Provo, or anywhere else in Utah.

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