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Space & Faders: Studio Love

Space & Faders is a 13,000 sq.ft. multimedia/sound studio that serves as an oasis for a broad scope of creators. The goal? To evoke inspiration and cultivate talent. It’s a well-equipped facility designed with the intention of providing refuge and promoting relationships for those who wish to immerse themselves in their art, practice, and culture. And we got a tour of this magnificent space.

The industrial brick building in which it sits consists of countless open rooms and private quarters of varying sizes. Hallways lined with an impressive collection of signed gig posters, large open spaces, and strategically placed skylights accompany a full kitchen, multiple lounge areas, and a handful of arcade games. Now complete and fully operational inside are over a dozen fully dressed, sound-proofed rehearsal studios, half of which come with drum kits and amplifiers, podcast and video/photography studios, and a wide open load-in room that doubles as a community practice space. Still underway? A recording studio/control room, two DJ booths along with a cleverly designed invisible bar which might accommodate private parties.

Inclusive, to say the least.

Space & Faders was spawned out of necessity by founder Charles Thorpe in 2020 after his company (Anchor Stage Mgmt.) halted work for obvious reasons. Says Thorpe, “The world shut down. So I locked myself in here for two years and really handled shit.” (Since that time, Anchor Stage Mgmt. is back in full swing, and he has entrusted his strong team and son, Gideon, to manage the business of providing stage service for hundreds of our favorite concerts and festivals each year).

One unique aspect is how spacious the building is: you can occupy any wing and be entirely secluded. “You can be as loud as you want, nobody even knows you’re here”, says Thorpe. There are myriad benefits for photography—details like ample natural light, hedges that create the illusion of a continual labyrinth, and programmable lighting that is color graded for film. And Thorpe is working with his drum teacher, Meter, to create a base-level drum lesson that utilizes a “drum mixer”—an idea that blends the idea of a paint mixer with a drum kit. There’s little here that you can’t accomplish (or try), creatively speaking…a beautiful thing. “I don’t want any one space to take more than 30 minutes to be converted for any other use,” says Charles.

Space & Faders provides hourly, weekly, or long term use, and several established local bands are claiming residency already. As the business is becoming more reputable, visits are being made by larger touring bands, which may want to sneak in a light session prior to performing at your favorite venue or festival. Whether you’re reserving a room or just want to experience the energy, Space & Faders welcomes you. And who knows, you might just meet an actual guitar god or two.


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