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Good Business: Ban Supply Co.

Through the longstanding relationships maintained with our vibrant Wasatch community over the years, we have seen so many beautiful faces reemerge. With their colorful depictions of iconic Utah symbolism, the work of Bree and Nate Millard stands out like refracted sunshine on falling rain. 

Upon completion of their highly anticipated, fully equipped wood shop last fall we found ourselves in attendance of an historical unveiling event themed; a ‘Chili, Chile Verde & Chilly Beverages’ camp-out, featuring exclusive live folk music performances by Iron Canyon Echoes and Miss Elle. This little zone provides us with a plethora of extracurricular activities.  

mountain workshop glass garage door

Ban Supply Co.'s shop is strategically situated alongside their charming mountain valley ranch house in Oakley, UT.

The home contains an exterior kitchen, grill and smoker. Even a tandem restroom with outdoor-only access for guests. The acre parcel rests low on the shoulder of the Uinta range, capturing inherent views. Throw in a detached speak-easy/cowboy bar, an inviting fire pit and this property is properly geared to host.

Their ingenuity encapsulates the essence of mountain culture and specifically of our inexplicable region. They carve even deeper to expose fragments of Utah’s jaw-dropping natural wonders and beyond. Perhaps the ability to produce such works comes from their uninhibited surrender and participation in the lifestyle and culture itself. Life experience accumulated by these two local artists is surely the foundation behind their success. With highly distinguishable images of Utah’s majesty and the spectators sharing in its marvel as their muses, Bree and Nate vividly interpret through their personalized commission work and art installations. 

Combined academic achievements mix a delightfully balanced cocktail for such a fruitful career path. Let us not disregard that each carries tremendous credibility in the field of professional photography. We can all agree that they certainly have an eye.


custom wood signage

custom wood signage

custom wood sign for Ban Supply Co.

HW: As your reality appears to be the manifestation of a dream, what role has your romance played in the development of the company and/or vice versa?

Nate: Our romance has been infused into everything we do together, whether that is snowboarding, biking, outdoors, or our artwork. We've always had very similar if not the same passions, and our relationship was built around that love. So, I would say that our romance has been a key factor in the birth of our process as everything we did to get here, we would try to over-please each other in each of our roles. I think this shows through to our clients, at least I hope anyway.

Bree finds herself tongue-tied with such an intimate inquiry and so we might ask; Bree, do you concur?

Bree: I concur.

people illustrating and carving wood

custom wood signs utah

custom rainbow trout wood sign

hand-illustrating wood signs

custom wood signage utah

carving custom wood signs

greetings from utah custom wood sign

owners in front of Ban supply co. workshop


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