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Sold by Homeworks in 2023: Year In Review

2023 was an interesting year in real estate, to put it mildly. Spring saw rising interest rates, a drop in median sales price, lower inventory, and an increase in time on market. Then came autumn, with its spike in competition and prices and inventory, alike. We can say with a certainty that the Salt Lake real estate market has been something of a roller coaster for the last few years—but we're still here. Think of us as the calm, collected ride attendants: you may scream until you're hoarse, but we've been on this one a thousand times. We're here to help you through it.

The Homeworks team did everything we could to help our clients sell or find and purchase their dream homes in 2023, and all told, we'd say it was a successful year!

Total HW Sales Volume: $82M

Total HW Transactions: 114

Navigating a tricky market is no small feat, but we're thrilled to do it every day on behalf of our lovely clients. Whether we're helping you find a perfectly preserved mid-century space in Holladay or enabling you to seamlessly sell your modern downtown condo, we're equal to the task and honored to support. Have a look below at just some of the beautiful, historic, remodeled, cozy, eclectic, sprawling, modern, and magical properties we sold in 2023...


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