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Mother's Day: Brunch & Flowers

Updated: May 23, 2023

One of our favorite holidays is fast approaching (Sunday! Sunday!), and we know that a little preparation can go a long way for some thoughtful gifting. Mother’s Day Brunch is pretty popular in our state: whether it’s a surprise outing to a casual spot or a set menu at your favorite place, the reservations are probably already filling up.

Thus, we thought it worth polling a handful of our agents and team members for their own preferred places, either for a mid-morning meal or a beautiful bouquet/ succulent. There are plenty of well-known (and incredible) restaurants in SLC, but maybe there are a few here you may not have considered. Whether you’re celebrating your mom, your wife, your friends, or your well-deserving self, we suggest you stop at the places below for a good bit of warranted pampering.

milk+ salt lake

Michelle Watts: I love Petal Coup for flowers! Prettiest (and freshest) selection. And if I want a little jewelry treat for myself, I go to Mineral + Matter. Rather than a busy brunch, I'd prefer a cup of good coffee on a cute patio close to home...say, King's Peak or District Coffee.

Adam Compton: Our 15-year tradition as a family is to meet at Ruth's Diner, but the wait can be too long (last year, we hangrily left to pick up Beto's Burritos and rendezvous on my back patio...turned out lovely!)...IF all children are of legal age, The Garage on Beck is PERFECT! Open-air patio, bloodies, great food, and NO wait!

Chloe Brookham: Roots Cafe in Millcreek for brunch, followed by Cactus & Tropicals for some plant options!

Camilla Granasen: For the fancy mom, I say Blue Skye Lodge is the way to go. And for the local mom? Finn’s Cafe. And be sure to go to Native Flowers for a bouquet!

Jenny Compton: Ruth’s Diner for brunch, always (suggest you order a Bloody Mary to accompany the wait). And Orchid Dynasty! Orchids, sure…but the plant/cactus selection is also wonderful. Just wonderful.

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