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Meet Our Neighbors: Monkey Wrench

Updated: May 23, 2023

Ever the fans of a good sweet treat, we were thrilled to learn that our downtown offices are located very near Monkey Wrench, an adorable vegan ice cream shop, complete with a coffee bar and a few baked goods. Naturally, a "Meet Our Neighbors" feature was in order...not simply because we want to support our city's small businesses and help spread the word however we can, but because ice cream. Always ice cream. (And if we can have it without dairy...well, that's the dream.)

How’s business been since you arrived in this spot? 

Monkey Wrench: It’s been great! We opened 5 years ago this month, and I am so humbled by the continuous outpouring of support from the community. The fact that we are still here and thriving after COVID is not something I take for granted.

Hw: Your space is lovely. What was the intended mood?

MW: Thank you so much. We wanted a clean, minimal space where the color palette of the ice cream could be the focal point. We hope that the experience is fun, approachable and nostalgic for the customer.

Hw: Tell us something special about MW:

MW: Our name is based off of The Monkeywrench Gang, a novel by Edward Abbey. It’s a nod to our commitment to environmental activism and speaks to the negative impact of the dairy industry — by not using any dairy in our products, we greatly reduce our water usage, carbon footprint and use it an an opportunity to educate the public about making more ethical choices when it comes to our eating habits.

Hw: Most popular flavor? 

MW: It changes seasonally based on our offerings, but currently it is Budderfinger followed closely by Blueberry Cobbler. My personal favorite is Rocky Road. Our chocolate base is incredible and there’s something that can’t be beat about marshmallows in ice cream.

Hw: Anything we're missing?

MW: We make all of our inclusions in house (brownie chunks, graham cracker crust pieces, cobbler pieces, etc.) in addition to hand rolling our waffle cones daily. The waffle cones are not to be missed! They make every flavor better :)


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