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Home Sweet Homeworks: Britt's Belvedere Condo

Downtown Glam Meets Grunge

It’s been a minute since our last foray into one of the homes of an agent, friend, or client to admire the individuality and thoughtfulness that we always find. Thus, we thought it time to dive back into our favorite kind of exploration: welcome to another issue of Home Sweet Homeworks. Today, we’re visiting the home of our good friend Britt Hixenbaugh. 

Just last year, Britt purchased a condo in the historic Belvedere Building downtown. Originally a hotel when it was built in 1919, it was converted to condos in 1978. Purportedly the first building in Salt Lake City to have an elevator, the units inside are still punctuated by original features like crown moldings and oversized baseboards, and a grand entrance showcases a crystal chandelier over harlequin marble flooring. A designer and stylist, we knew that Britt would create a gorgeous space of her own, so we decided to make a house call to chat with her about the appeal of the building, her distinct style, and her plans for the future…


small condo glam grunge design

I believe that growing into your space is so special—living with it in different stages and being able to really change things based on how you need to function in the space.

Tell us about your style. How would you describe your personal interiors?

I consider my style to be “glam grandma”…with a pinch of grunge. But mostly, I like to think of my space as a personal museum—each item in my house has a story and means something to me.

What about your design preferences more generally? What kind of project gets you the most excited to work on? And who or what inspires you?

I love to create unique and timeless designs that are lived-in and really make the client feel at home (quirks and all). I get most excited when there’s a challenge for a small space that needs to incorporate smart layouts, storage, or functions. There’s something special about creating more than just an aesthetic in a space, not having endless room and being able to make a small space usable. Design is so much more than just the look, it has to also be functional. My biggest inspiration has always been travel, movie set designs, and looking back on the history of interiors and architecture.

small condo table and kitchen

small condo glam grunge design

Any substantial remodeling that went into this home? Was it a turnkey purchase, or did you have to put a little sweat into it?

I’ve been here a little less than a year and have made very minor updates such as paint, new brass light switches, and decor elements like curtains, lights, art, and furniture. I also took the fronts off my kitchen cabinets to allow all my favorite things to show. I believe that growing into your space is so special…living with it in different stages and being able to really change things based on how you need to function in the space.

Why the Belvedere? What do you love about this place?

A big memory for me is picking my great aunt up at her condo in Dallas, when I was little. She came down in a fur coat with jewels as a doorman opened the door for her. I thought, “man, this is how I want to live.” I remember kids in my class would draw white-picket-fence dream homes while I drew high-rise buildings.

As I started searching to purchase my first home, I fell in love with the Belvedere for its historic charm. It was originally a hotel when it was built in 1919, and you feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you enter the building. I love the mix between modern and old. I like to feel the history of the house and furnish it with modern things.

belvedere condo entrance

small condo glam grunge design

small condo kitchen windows

small marble table by windows

Do you have a favorite room or space in the house? Where do you find yourself spending the most time?

I love sitting at my two-seater table by the window. I’m either working, flipping through a magazine, or drinking coffee. There’s endless people watching, and I love the breeze and sunshine that come in. 

Any big plans for the space you can tell us about? What's the dream?

I want to gut and redo the whole kitchen. Since these units didn’t convert to condos until the 70s-80s, the kitchens were added in at later points. Mine was done with bad, hardware-store tile and cheap cabinets. I’d love to lower the island to counter height, create a more workable layout, and add smarter storage with, of course, some fun design. Maybe two-toned cabinetry— mirrored or chrome uppers with wood bases and fun marble tops.

Homeworks Property Lab, 66 Exchange Pl., SLC P: 801.810.8696

small kitchen cabinetry design

simple moody bedroom design

small condo closet with chair

simple moody bathroom design

small condo glam grunge design

belvedere condominiums entrance


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