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Home Sweet Homeworks: Lindsay D'Addato

Lindsay's Scandinavian-Inspired Simplicity

We at Homeworks are a relatively small team, but we’ve got a good deal of combined experience that lends itself nicely to successful transactions and client satisfaction. And this is our favorite part of what we do…making clients happy. We love seeing their homes and chatting with them about design choices, upcoming projects, their memories and motivations. We call these chats Home Sweet Homeworks, and it is, without question, one of the best parts of the job.

The space below is a favorite of ours. After finding and purchasing the property, our friend and client Lindsay took all the necessary steps in creating a home she loves. Her minimal and measured style perfectly emphasizes a few smart renovations/updates, and the combination of high ceilings and large windows creates a feeling of space that goes well beyond the home’s actual 980 square feet. We asked her a little about how she got here, and why she loves it so much...

What’s your favorite feature of the space?

It is hard to pick, but my favorite feature of my house is probably its openness. The tall ceilings combined with an open floor plan make my 980 square foot home feel open and airy in a way that few homes of that size do. I love being able to sit in one room and have a line of sight throughout my home. I have two large widows in the front of my house and I love drinking coffee in my dining room and watching hummingbirds feed in my front yard.

Any favorite memories you’ve created here? Or ones you hope to someday?

When I first brought my puppy, Panda, home this winter she was super scared and was hiding in every corner. I sat down on the floor in the living room and out of nowhere she came and laid down next to me. From that moment on, I was her person.

Describe your design tendencies. Your overall mood here:

My love for Scandivianian and Bohemian design can be seen throughout my house. I have designed my space and chosen furniture that puts function and simplicity first. I have chosen muted colors and natural materials for big items in my house that I love to punctuate with bold colored accessories.

Did you make any big changes when you moved here? Or are there things you’re still hoping to change in the future?

I definitely took on a ton of projects during my first year in my house. First I painted, put in wood floors, redid my driveway, landscaped my front yard, built a deck, replaced the front windows, had the roof redone, and now I'm landscaping my backyard. It's been totally insane and I have learned a ton about how to effectively communicate with contractors. If I had to do it again, I know everything would go a lot smoother, but I'm so dang psyched to never move again.

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