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Salt Lake City Neighborhoods: Downtown

Updated: Mar 25

Officially our city’s oldest district, Downtown Salt Lake City is easily the most notable neighborhood and—in our slightly biased opinion—the best spot in the valley for an office. With more than its share of incredible food and entertainment all within a handful of blocks (roughly, its contents can be found from North Temple to 400 South and 600 West to 500 East), this is the hub of all things Salty and the origin point from whence our fabulous grid begins.

Downtown Neighborhood & Local Businesses

An ever-expanding skyline and exhaustive list of restaurants, bars, hotels, theaters, and shops stand as testament to our city’s economic health, and Downtown SLC is easily the best stop in the valley for a midday lunch or happy hour drink (given that our Central Business District is home to some 77,000+ employees, however, you’re unlikely to be alone at the table). Our blocks are big and our streets wide (wide enough, that is, for a covered wagon and team of oxen to make a u-turn, thanks to our founding city planners), so leave plenty of time for walking. But no matter when you arrive for lunch, you’ll have your pick of grab-n-go, good sandwiches, or a sit-down meal. But our salty city is—as most good cities are—best for a good night out on the town. See a show at Eccles, Capitol Theatre, Rose Wagner, or Abravanel Hall, and choose from a couple hundred restaurants and bars to round out your evening.

Downtown Home Styles & Prices

For obvious reasons, we’re dealing primarily in condominiums and apartments where Downtown living is concerned, but you won’t find yourself short of options. Case in point, our Central Business District is slated to house nearly double the number of current residents by 2024, and an estimated 3,900 units are currently under construction (with another 4,400 proposed!). From high-end to high-rise and high-density, pricing in this area runs the veritable gamut. There are still some relatively affordable condos available from around $400k, but depending on the amenities offered (stunning views, historical details, on-site gym/pool, etc.), buyers can also expect to pay as high as a few million. Where accessibility is concerned, downtown SLC is as good as it gets: you’ll find great food within a stone’s throw in any direction, you’re roughly a 10 minute drive from the airport, and you can find TRAX stations on 200 South, Main Street, 400 South, or South Temple.

Buying or Selling a Home Downtown?

Whether you’re looking to buy a property in the Downtown area or move on from one, our team of agents has decades of experience navigating the Salt Lake City real estate market in all seasons. If you’re in need of some guidance or just looking for a friendly face in these shark-infested waters, give us a call. We’re happy to help.


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