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Salt Lake City Neighborhoods: Ensign Downs

A small pocket located just above our Capitol building, Ensign Downs is nestled into a foothill alcove along the eastern boundary of the greater Capitol Hill neighborhood. Named for the well-known Ensign Peak under which it sits, this is an exclusive neighborhood punctuated by stunning homes and panoramic views of our Salt Lake City, our valley, and the adjacent City Creek Canyon. 

The area is a quiet one, and most “traffic” here is either a direct result of area residents or those looking to take advantage of the natural surroundings and aforementioned, dome-shaped peak. And while quick access to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a certain draw, so too is this neighborhood’s proximity to downtown SLC—within just 5 minutes or so, residents here can find themselves at dinner, a show, or one of the many events our city hosts each year.

modern home and landscaping in ensign downs

view of salt lake city from ensign downs

Ensign Downs Neighborhood & Local Businesses

This neighborhood came to be in the 1950s after a substantial piece of the “Ensign Flats” land below Ensign Peak was sold to developers by the city. Years later, the city reacquired some of the surrounding land, and efforts were undertaken (both by the Mormon church and private citizens) to improve the area and develop the Ensign Peak Nature Park, which was officially dedicated in 1997. The nature park connects Ensign Peak to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and meets the Stansbury Shoreline Preserve along Sandhurst Drive. Visitors can take advantage of an entrance plaza and memorial garden, as well as a permanent hiking trail, and visit the monument at the summit (originally erected in 1934, and since refurbished). For those who prefer a park with a distinctly more urban feel, however, there’s always Ensign Downs Park—perched right smack in the middle of the neighborhood—featuring playground equipment, tennis, volleyball, and a jogging path. This area is not one for shopping, though the aforementioned proximity to Downtown means residents aren’t lacking where accessibility to local businesses is concerned. Likewise, it is but a very short drive to the amenities of the Avenues, Marmalade, and Capitol Hill—each home to their own lovely, local restaurants and shops, as well as other hikes and neighborhood parks.

neighborhood street and ensign peak

ensign downs park and tennis courts

salt lake city from ensign downs park

Ensign Downs Home Prices

Lots in this area tend toward the larger side—while most come in at somewhere between ⅓ and ½ an acre or so, a couple of gated communities in Ensign Downs include substantially larger lot sizes of a few acres or more. Likewise, expect the homes themselves to tend toward higher square footage in this neck of the woods: depending on the style of home, you’re likely looking at properties that fall somewhere between 2,500 and 10,000+ square feet. While there are plenty of older homes in Ensign Downs, you’ll also run into new builds and remodels of varying quality. All told, the architecture in the area casts a wide net: continued growth and change since the 50s means you’ll find everything from split-levels and mid-century homes to modern two-stories and more traditional, colonial styles. If you’re looking to purchase in this area—whether for a fully-finished property or a well-placed lot on which to build—it’s safe to assume you should be prepared for a 7-figure transaction (though you could inch closer to 8 figures as the lot and home sizes go up). The prices here are high, but you can’t beat the location.

Looking for a Home in Ensign Downs?

If you’re interested in buying a home in the Ensign Downs neighborhood, our team of experienced agents is here to help. We can guide you through the process of finding your dream home and negotiating the best price and terms. Contact us anytime to chat...we're happy to answer any questions.

Homeworks Property Lab, 66 Exchange Pl., SLC P: 801.810.8696

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