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Salt Lake City Neighborhoods: Federal Heights

Updated: Mar 25

Quiet streets and striking views of Downtown and the Salt Lake valley are the order of the day in Federal Heights. Though this neighborhood is tucked peacefully into the foothills, residents here also benefit from close proximity to all the good stuff. Running alongside the east side of the Avenues, Virginia Street separates the two, but Federal Heights almost feels like an elegant extension of our city's first official neighborhood.

Properties and lots here are on the larger side and tend toward pretty high purchase prices, but in exchange, residents here can take advantage of views and a location that are decidedly tough to beat, and there are plenty of good schools in the area.

Federal Heights Neighborhood & Local Businesses

Perched just above/next to the University of Utah, the area is plugged nicely into the foothills, making for a location that is both city friendly and trail-adjacent, be it for hiking or biking. Though there isn't much in the way of commerce, a quick 5-minute drive to the south or west will land on any number of great shops or worthwhile restaurants. And, since Federal Heights is the Avenues' immediate neighbor to the east, residents can benefit from the many small businesses that dot the area (Cucina, Kura Door, and Wildwood among them).

Federal Heights Home Styles & Prices

The homes in Federal Heights are as architecturally diverse as they are ideally situated above the city. Once home to a few slaughterhouses, the officers posted at Fort Douglas started to build their homesteads here in the early 1900s. It's well-known for some stunning, historical, turn-of-the-century architecture: here, you can expect to find everything from Tudors and Mediterranean-style homes to Spanish Colonials. Elevated craftsmanship is evident, and while there are also plenty of custom builds, most have simply been updated or remodeled with preservation in mind. Those looking to purchase here shouldn't expect to find anything for less than $1M, but more likely, you're looking around $2M and up.

Buying or Selling a Home in Federal Heights?

Whether you’re looking to buy a home in Federal Heights or move on from one, our team of agents has decades of experience navigating the Salt Lake City real estate market in all seasons. If you’re in need of some guidance or just looking for a friendly face in these shark-infested waters, give us a call. We’re happy to help.


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