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Salt Lake City Neighborhoods: Central 9th

Updated: Mar 27

This particular area of Salt Lake has undergone what’s probably best described as a substantial “glow-up” in recent years, and it’s become a thriving spot for local businesses, as well as a pretty lovely consideration for your next home purchase. Central Ninth (or 9th) is a tidy pocket of our city, just south of downtown, and it spans only somewhat officially from Main Street to 300 West, and from 600 South to 1000 South.

You’ll find the epicenter of this quaint, local area at 900 South and 200 West, a point from which you can secure coffee, a cocktail, a slice of pizza, a spin class, or a bag of chips within just a handful of steps.

central 9th intersection salt lake city

laziz kitchen and central 9th market salt lake city

Central 9th Neighborhood & Local Businesses

Central Ninth is located ideally for pretty much any/all needs—it’s very near the Granary District (home to Kilby Court, Fisher Brewing, and so many good murals) and has unparalleled access to TRAX and the freeway, thereby narrowing travel times. We can also say with confidence that the local businesses in this neck of the woods are serving some of the best stuff our city has to offer. Central 9th Market has made a name for themselves in the way of incredible sandwiches and smash burgers, and Laziz is well known for solid Mediterranean food. Water Witch and Nohm—always friends, but only recently an official partnership—each have incredible menus, whether you're in the market for a creative cocktail or a unique and dialed dish. The Pearl is a relatively new addition to the area, serving Vietnamese street food alongside an adorable interior (and a good-sized patio for warmer months), and we highly recommend a slice from Snowmobile, a cup from Blue Copper, or a sip from Scion Cider. Plus, just down the block, you’ll find Try-Angles, a gay bar “offering the coldest, cheapest and biggest drinks in town.”

water witch bar and nohm restaurant salt lake city

central 9th market salt lake city

blue copper coffee room central 9th

Central 9th Home Styles & Prices

Some pretty major road reconstruction on 900 South was underway for some time, and having finished fairly recently, the updates have added some much needed pedestrian space, parking, and landscaping to the area. The addition of the 9-Line Trail will provide cyclists with a safe corridor (which, when finished, will extend from Redwood Road all the way to Hogle Zoo). Still very much in the process of evolution, the neighborhood has experienced plenty of growth over the last few years, but changes continue to come. With the addition of some town home developments and mixed-use buildings (still more on the way), the construction boom has lent itself to more residential options, many of which take advantage of modern design and materials and clean lines. Nearby streets are largely single-family homes and duplexes, but zoning also allows for fourplexes, so those looking to live in the area can choose from some more traditional properties, as well as multi-unit. As buying goes, it’s very possible to find reasonably priced homes and condos, but as this area continues to grow and gain popularity, prices are sure to follow.

Buying or Selling a Home in Central 9th?

Whether you’re looking to buy a home in the Central 9th area or move on from one, our team of agents has decades of experience navigating the Salt Lake City real estate market in all seasons. If you’re in need of some guidance or just looking for a friendly face in these shark-infested waters, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

small modern home central 9th salt lake city

home in central 9th neighborhood

modern home central 9th salt lake city

modern building central 9th salt lake city

artwork on building, central 9th, salt lake city


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