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Meet Our Neighbors: Pretty Bird Hot Chicken

Updated: May 23, 2023

Just around the corner from our Downtown office is another of our favorite walkable lunch spots. Most Salt Lakers are already familiar with the deep-fried dream that is Pretty Bird Hot Chicken, and for good reason. With locations Downtown, in Sugar House (pictured), and in Park City, Pretty Bird will soon be adding a Midvale location to the delicious mix, opening Summer 2022.

Photography: River Stephenson
pretty bird salt lake city

Homeworks: Downtown SLC has such a special vibe. What was it about the city that made you choose it for your first Pretty Bird location?

Pretty Bird: I chose Downtown Salt Lake City because it was incredibly easy to work with the RDA (redevelopment agency of SLC), and also because I love the energy and the vibe of Downtown. I love the nightlife and all the activities and thought that Pretty Bird would fit right in.

pretty bird hot chicken

HW: A lot of restaurants have had a difficult go of it the last two years, and it’s awesome to see Pretty Bird thriving. Did you always intend on opening multiple locations?

PB: Yes, that was always the plan. The first space was only 525 sq. ft., and I knew that if we could do it in there that we could do it anywhere. Because of Covid, we decided to close it down last summer to do a full remodel. The Downtown location is now Pretty Bird “to go” and we also re-did the entire patio to accommodate even more people.

pretty bird salt lake city

pretty bird salt lake city


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