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Hw Homeroom: SLC Gift Guide 101

Updated: Jan 8

This time of year manages, always, to sneak up on us. Though we were lucky enough to experience some beautifully warm fall weather through mid-November, there’s no escaping the inevitability of the season; freezing temps, the winter solstice, and—if all goes according to plan—a good bit of snow is coming our way.

With all things December, of course, we’re also expecting the usual dose of holiday planning and chaos. We’ve all got some shopping to do, whether it be for meals, gifting, charitable contributions, or home decor, and we’re huge advocates for supporting local businesses whenever and however possible. To that end, we asked our team of agents and coworkers to share a few of their favorite shops around the valley for your holiday shopping needs. Some have physical locations, some are pop-ups you’ll find at various holiday markets, and some are online only. But they’re all in the business of checking off boxes, and many participate in “Giving Tuesday” and “Small Business Saturday,” so be sure to check their websites or social media accounts for upcoming discounts or donation opportunities!

No matter who’s on your list, we've a few suggestions for incredible local businesses that will have what you need for holiday gifting...

Melissa Lipani, HW Agent

I like to support my local artist friends who are doing the holiday markets or holiday online shop updates. If they don't have anything currently, I like to give gift cards to their shops! Find their IG accounts and get shopping!

Liz Elias, HW Agent

I love The Post Trading Co., The Green Ant, Urban Vintage, and Capital City Antique Mall for cute, vintage gifts! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Kayla Bobzien, HW Agent

Michelle Watts, HW Manager/Accountant

Mineral & Matter (make your own perfume at City Creek!)

Gift certificate to Culture Coffee

Gift certificate to All Chay

Adam Compton, HW Agent

Dancing Cranes has always been my go-to. Cozy, sentimental gifts for the masculine or feminine. The DABC can also be a hit, but only if you choose a spirit that carries some relevance to your relationship with the recipient!

Chloe Brookham, HW Agent

I love Mochi Kids for children's gifts, and The Stockist for everyone else.

Camilla Granåsen, HW Agent

Hexeh—they have locally made, amazing scented candles, lotions, and potions. Yummy smells, and the best hand creams for this climate that I have found so far. A box of Ritual Chocolates is always popular as well!

Jenny Compton, HW Transaction Coordinator/Agent

The Heavy Metal Shop (don't forget, new location!)

Dave's Nutrition (a real treasure trove for crystals and rocks!)

Jolley's Pharmacy has some fine, fine wares as well!


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