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Home Sweet Homeworks: Teri & Hasen

Updated: May 23, 2023

Teri & Hasen's Rustic Eden Cabin

Perched in Eden, you'll find a cabin that is the perfect marriage of rustic and cozy. A small log cabin, a few bales of hay, wagon wheels, and a vintage, well-kept pickup accompany the wandering wildlife on the surrounding property, and covered in snow, it's all just something of a holiday card. We chatted with our lovely clients, owners Teri & Hasen, about their favorite parts of life right here...

What's your very favorite feature of the cabin? Tell us why.

The views out of our floor-to-ceiling windows. The mountain views are spectacular, and we often catch a glimpse of wildlife, whether it's the neighbors' cows that escaped into our yard, bunny rabbits hopping around, or the wild turkeys roaming in our field most mornings.

Any favorite memories in the house? Or things you hope to do here that will become memories?

Anytime friends and family come to visit. We hold an annual Halloween party and the first year, we did a make-shift haunted house in our barn, that was so fun. We even had a chain-less chainsaw to scare our guests. Back in August, Hasen and his band held a small rock concert in our field. A few other local bands also played and it felt like our own mini Red Butte Gardens concert.

What's your collaborative design process as a couple?

It is more of a "divide and conquer" kind of collaboration. We have opposite strengths so Hasen focuses more on the outdoor clean up and landscaping projects, while I focus more on the interiors.


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