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Home Sweet Homeworks: Ron Godwin's Holiday Bungalow

It’s been a minute since we took you on a friendly tour of one of the homes of our clients or coworkers. In our Home Sweet Homeworks series, we showcase a few of the people we know and the places they call home (and who doesn’t love snooping on a good interior?). Since ‘tis the season for warmth and merriment and the kind of gatherings that leave you feeling grateful (and tipsy), we thought it might be a good time to pick back up.

Ron Godwin is many things, and lucky for us, “Homeworks real estate client” happens to be one of them. A Utah-based architect with an eye for all things creative, Ron is also an interior designer who’s transformed the homes of many clients. His eclectic, bespoke, and highly personal design practices utilize materials and custom pieces that emphasize each home’s historic and architectural context. Naturally, his personal residence relishes in much of the same, so when Ron offered to host in his holiday-ready Sugar House bungalow, we happily accepted the invitation. Then we asked him a few questions about his proclivity for a beautifully designed home...

Tell us a little bit about yourself professionally.

Three words, Fab. U. Lous. (following questions taken more seriously)

What are your biggest design influences? 

The biggest influences on my designs are actually architectural history itself, as well as a knowledge of the different periods and the philosophies that they developed from.

What kind of projects excite you the most?

I get most excited when I get to work on historical homes…from any point in history, even contemporary periods. Working the way I do (wherein I consider all original influences on the home), it presents a bigger but more rewarding challenge, as I bring the home into current standards of living, while respecting the principles of its origin. I never take a home into whatever style is currently trending for the sake of fashion. NEVER!

"I would like to say that I begin every project by asking the client what their budget is. I would like to say that. But I don't actually do that."

Any favorite fabrics (color/pattern/material/designer)?

My favorite fabrics, colors, patterns, or materials are largely whatever is not trending at the moment. There are no bad colors, only bad applications. Or bad applicators. I ask myself, “what are the colors of this particular period? What are the colors of the neighborhood? What are the colors of the home's new occupants (my client)?” Sometimes I have been asked by my clients to use colors that are their favorites, but are in direct conflict with the local vernacular. But I’ve taken the request and made it the local vernacular.

You recently bought a new would you describe your personal design style in your own space?

My personal home is an exception, as the previous remodel had already taken the home far away from its roots. However, I’ve still been able to pull from the home's original philosophy and the designs of the era, and I’ve designed the spaces in a sympathetic and seamless transition.

You've created a lot of "Ron Godwin originals," haven't you? Like, pieces of art, furniture, textiles, etc. Tell us more about this.

It's true, I’ve used a lot of custom pieces in my work. I don't believe in using whatever is on the showroom floor, no matter how well-made or well-priced. The chances that said pieces work best for a random home are next to none. And the chances that said pieces are the most economical are also pretty low. The custom pieces that I design and pursue for my projects are the right size, style, and quality for the homes and lifestyles that I’m working with. And more often than not, they come in at a lower price than a comparable from a showroom. I can incorporate all the details of the house—existing or newly fabricated—with an unbiased eye.

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