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Home Sweet Homeworks: Melissa & Adam

Updated: May 23, 2023

Melissa & Adam's Rooms with a View

A mid-century modern home in SLC with plenty of updates, this home sports original charm (that sunroom!) and Salt Lake valley views aplenty. Read on to find on this duo's favorite seat in the house...


What's your very favorite feature of the home? Tell us why.

 Funny enough, both of our favorite features of the home are *outside* of the walls. We have an amazing front deck that we added five years ago to maximize enjoyment of our incredible west-facing view. Every night, we love to watch the sunset–it’s never the same twice and it moves throughout the seasons, creating different drama and light to enjoy. Once the sun goes down, we enjoy the twinkly lights of the city, and during the summer holidays, we can see every neighborhood and town fireworks displays from Davis to Utah County from the comfort of our deck. One of our other favorite features of the home, which is again outside, is our direct trail access from the backdoor. On top of that, we share our backyard with the most amazing wildlife–we’ve seen cougars, bobcats, coyotes, skunks, raccoons, owls, and countless deer on our trail cam. During the spring and fall, we love our sunroom; a good snuggle with a dog and a book while the rain falls in there or the sun warms the space is so relaxing. Lastly, we’ve built some really wonderful relationships with great neighbors. Sometimes we can hardly believe how lucky we are to call this place home–it’s really special!

Any favorite memories in the house? Or things you hope to do here that will become memories?

 We love hosting friends and family for dinners and gatherings, sharing the space with our dogs and foster dogs. We’ve had so many great meals with folks we love, great cocktails and conversations, group runs and hikes out our back door, and toasty fires after outdoor adventures. There’s just too many to pick one, and we hope the space will continue to foster many, many more!


What's your collaborative design process as a couple?

 Lucky for me, Adam is a very easy going design partner. Usually, I get a wild hair to start a project, and his job is to watch the budget, while mine is to plan, design, and execute the idea. Very rarely has Adam objected to anything aesthetically, and if it’s a little out there, he usually loves the finished product. He also does a good job of keeping me grounded when I agonize over the details, so I think we’re a pretty copacetic design team. When we bought the house, it was truly an untouched time capsule and we didn’t have a big budget to renovate everything at once, so each year we’ve focused on one project and saved up to be able to do it–most recently our primary bedroom and bath, which was completed by the skilled team at Domain, and we LOVE how it turned out. 


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