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Home Sweet Homeworks: Leslie

Updated: May 23, 2023

Leslie's 19th Century Bungalow

Looking for a 19th-century home to inspire your design? Check out this interview with Leslie Hanna and her gorgeous, newly remodeled 19th-century bungalow.

19th Century Home

Homeworks: What’s your very favorite feature of the home? Tell us why.

Leslie Hanna: My favorite feature in my house has to be all of the natural light. When my remodel project was completed [which opened the eves to move both bedrooms to the second level and increased the lower level’s kitchen space], we had opened up all of the main floor and added a big picture window along the staircase on the second floor allowing light to stream through the house on all sides and all times of the day. 

19th Century Home

Hw: Any favorite memories in the house? Or things you hope to do here that will become memories?

LH: I have lived in this house for over 22 years and without a doubt, my favorite memory, or rather a collection of memories, is experiencing my son growing up here.

19th Century Home

Hw: What’s your design process?

LH: My design process is to be in a constant state of editing. I have noticed how clutter can easily accumulate in my house, and living in a small space can make that even more obvious. Remembering to revolve the things that no longer serve a purpose when something new comes in has been the right formula for me.

19th century home


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