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Home Sweet Homeworks: Forest & Mindy

Updated: Feb 5

Forest & Mindy's Holladay Haven

Having worked with contractor, Forest Seaman, for years on countless beautiful projects throughout the Salt Lake valley, when it came time to have a look at his personal property, we jumped at the opportunity.

Forest is as detailed and thorough as he is skilled, and the home where he and his family currently live is a perfect testament to his work. It was a complete gut, and everything here from windows to roof to insulation has been replaced. Most of the work here has been completed over the last 5 years, but it’s technically still “under construction,” and a final phase will enable them to complete the main suite, create some indoor/outdoor flow, add an outdoor kitchen, redo the pool, and add more windows and a balcony to take advantage of incredible views. Says the couple, “We wanted to make a space that was built just for our family. We plan on making this our forever home, so we weren’t concerned about future potential buyers.”

What does the design process look like for the two of you?

Given that we work on so many beautiful homes for a living, we have no shortage of design ideas that include every style you can imagine. When we see something we like, Forest has a way of taking the ideas to the next level! He’s incredible with planning ways to get the most out of every space. And I love to add glam and drama anywhere I can. Forest is open to every idea and watching him do what he loves to our own home has been like living out a dream.

Are there any original features you chose not to mess with in the remodel?

We didn’t change the stone surrounding the fireplace. This is the only original feature in the renovated part of the home. Forest was insistent that the original rock fireplace stay, and it really is stunning.

Do you have a favorite room (or rooms) in the house?

I love my daughters’ bedrooms more than anything else in the house (so much so, actually, that we haven’t even built our own primary bedroom yet and it doesn’t even bother me). There’s something about a kid’s/teenager’s room that allows you to be whimsical and think outside of the box. I will never regret going a little over the top to give our daughters dream rooms where they’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

Which spaces have you found yourself in most frequently? Does that surprise you?

We love spending time in the theater room. This is the perfect place for our oldest daughter to have friends over for movie nights and sleepovers.

Any favorite memories in the house?

This house was made for entertaining and we have had some amazing parties here. The main floor is completely open concept and we have this incredible space we call the ‘disco ball room’ that has been the setting for many holiday parties, birthday parties and poker nights.

What's your very favorite feature of the home? Tell us why.

The kitchen. This is the hangout spot for our family. We love having music playing throughout the home on our Sonos system, having meals together or cooking (well, Forest cooks), and just spending time together in this room. The views are also amazing and one of the things that sold us on this house.


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