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Home Sweet Homeworks: Desert Victorian

Updated: May 23, 2023

Shannon & Jen's Victorian Remodel

When two best pals who met in college decided it was time they find a little financial freedom in real estate, they purchased a Victorian triplex in Salt Lake City and set to work. Jen and Shannon have, thus far, only remodeled the top unit in this lovely property, but it's a job very well done. Amid the myriad colors and mid-century details they've added, there's an undeniably cozy feeling here (one that we trust they'll have no problem renting via Airbnb). We chatted a bit with Jen about the process, the pops of color, and the end goal for this adorable space...

What's your very favorite feature of the home? Tell us why.

My favorite features here are the stained glass windows in the front—they are original to the home, and bring so much character and charm.

What's your collaborative design process? How did that work?

Shannon was the mastermind behind the aesthetic and design of the upstairs unit. We knew we wanted to furnish it secondhand, and we spent hours and hours searching KSL and Facebook Marketplace for pieces that fit into our mid-century modern vision. And we are so grateful to our artist and friend Kate Keskinen, who flew in and painted the lava lounge and the kitchen/dining room area (among the many other house projects she helped with)!

What inspired this? And what are your future plans for the home?

Our plan is to restore the other units in the house, and hopefully, add a tiny home in the back yard. We were inspired to explore and invest in a multi-unit home after we took a women's wealth class in 2021 and saw the advantages to owning real estate. Shannon and I have very complementary skill sets, so together we knew that we could figure out how to fix up and rent out the home. I highly recommend buying a home with your best friend—I'm so excited for what's to come!

And favorite memories in the process of all this?

So far, my favorite memory in the house is ripping up all of the carpet in the entry way and stairs to reveal beautiful hardwood floors underneath. Fixing up an 1892 Victorian home has been the experience of a lifetime...frustrating at times, but so rewarding!


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