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Home Sweet Homeworks: Adam & Franz

Updated: May 2, 2023

Perched quietly in the Three Fountains East condominium complex just on the borderline of Millcreek, Holladay, and [technically] Murray, you’ll find the home of our agent Adam Compton and his wife Franz. They’ve been here for years, and decided together that they’d embark on a remodel that would land on a calming palette, minimalist touches, and a decidedly modern feel.

Though it didn’t begin as a total overhaul, it certainly became as much. “As homeowners, any improvement you make to your property brings an instant sense of gratification," says Adam. "This time around, the budget was there, and what began with minor aesthetic enhancements evolved to a fixation that could not be satisfied until each level had been completed.” We asked them a few pointed questions about the remodel, the future plans, and the notion of home…

What does the design process look like for you?

Essentially, it was a family effort. Franz would have a notion and we’d spend a couple days contemplating logistics. We had to get a little imaginative with the new kitchen floor plan. Once settled on materials and design, [my daughter] Maya would critique our ideas making adjustments where our design might have otherwise been flawed.

Are there any features you chose not to fiddle with in the remodel?

We love the obscured glass panels and the prism chandelier in the entryway. They maintain that '70s fashion. However, the green shag carpet and miles of funky wallpaper just had to go.

Do you have a favorite room in the house? Which spaces have you found yourself enjoying most frequently?

We’re really enjoying level one. It all ties together. The patio adjoins the kitchen and the space continues through to the front. We’re often at the high-top breakfast bar—it’s a great spot to post up and chat over coffee or as we prep meals. It’s a slender town home, so light from either the north or south will find you. There are no's just open, clean, warm, and well lit.

How about the location? Where do you find yourself beyond the front door?

We have several midtown taco shops that we enjoy; Real Taqueria, Gordo’s, El Chihuahua, etc.

Any favorite memories in the house? How about future plans?

When we first started dating we would geek-out on the patio, late night in the summertime, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company. And we’re definitely excited to host our friends and family from Germany this summer. Home is such a private and personal thing. We are so pleased with what we have to share with them; our world here in Salt Lake City and the home environment we have created for ourselves. People always ask, “Are you planning to sell?” But our answer is no, not at all. We love our Wasatch haven and intend to live in it for a long time to come.


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