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Design Picks for Pet Owners

Updated: May 23, 2023

As we work with our preferred designers to dream and scheme about our upcoming office redesign (think: more windows, more plants, more well-designed and work-friendly spaces), we’ve been on the lookout for pet-friendly products that don’t feel like a huge aesthetic compromise. We love our office dogs and we love a beautiful space, so we’ve been hoping to find a few items that manage to fulfill both in form and function.

Should you be on the lookout for the same in your home, we've pulled together a few pieces (and places)...some pet-friendly possibilities that will look lovely in your home or office.

1) Washable rugs: For places with pets, washable rugs are an ideal option. Right into the washing machine with those loose hairs, muddy prints, or “accidents.” This website has some pretty fantastic rugs.

pet friendly home decor

2) Dog beds: We can all do better for our homes than the tufted beige oval, right? There are countless places to find cute dog beds if you do a bit of digging. We particularly like this one from Minna.

pet-friendly decor

3) Performance velvet furniture: The implication here is that the fabric is easy to clean and likely to withstand pet-related wear and tear more easily than non-performance velvet. Here’s a good option that will allow you to stop panicking about your sofa/chair.

pet friendly furniture

4) Wipeable wallpaper: Just think of it--your good boy jumps up on the wall with muddy paws, but instead of a meltdown and subsequent scrub (or repaint), you simply wipe it away and go about your business. How cute is this wallpaper by Milton & King?

wipeable wall paper

5) Pet-friendly plants: We highly recommend checking with a local shop to get some tips on plant life that looks good in your space, but isn'tt toxic for your pet. The good folks at Thyme & Place or Paradise Palm can help you out!

pet friendly plants

We’re big advocates for pet adoption, and our local shelters are brimming with adorable, adoptable dogs and cats who would love a warm spot in your home. What better way to cozy up for a Netflix binge than with a cute, new bestie on your oversized performance velvet chair?

If you’re not ready to make a permanent commitment, that’s okay—pets of every variety need a temporary place to call home. Check out this list of local animal welfare organizations that make up part of the No-kill Utah Coalition with Best Friends Animal Society.

We hope your home is ready for your new, or old, furry friend!


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