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Buyer's Guide: 5 Ways to Find Your Next Home Quickly

Does it seem like your hunt for the perfect home is taking far too long? Maybe you feel as though you’ve searched exhaustively, only to attend open house after open house that just isn’t quite it. We understand. Finding the right property—whether it’s your very first or yet another investment—can be a daunting and tiresome process. Relentless, even. Especially in Salt Lake’s competitive and shifting real estate market.

This is something that, even in the best of circumstances, can test your patience. There are buyers and sellers with competing interests involved, appraisals and inspections, negotiations over potential repairs, endless paperwork, and closing requirements to consider/endure. Some of the rigmarole is unavoidable, but at the end of the day, if it gets you “home,” it’s worth it.

With a few tweaks in your home-hunting process and overall mindset—it can all move along a tad more quickly, more smoothly, and less stressfully.


Hire a Homeworks Realtor

No surprise here, but we think this is a necessary first step. Buying a home is a substantial financial undertaking, to say the very least. It’s in your best interests to partner with a realtor who’s empathetic, experienced, patient, and savvy—but you’ll also benefit from someone who is a skilled negotiator. We’ve got 12 of them! Call us!

Know Your Budget Beforehand

Setting a budget is imperative…but what you think you can afford and what the bank will loan you could end up being two very different numbers. Before you waste any time looking at homes that are out of your price range, do yourself a favor and get a mortgage pre-approval (we’re happy to help you find the right lender for this).

Be As Prepared As Possible

 We mean this both literally and figuratively. There’s a LOT of paperwork that comes with purchasing a home. The more you can gather beforehand, the better off you are when the right one comes along, particularly if you’re working with tight timelines or competitive offers (this article offers a pretty thorough list of things that are typically required). That said, you should also be prepared to experience a lot of feelings (exhausted, frustrated, excited, disappointed, nervous, happy, etc.).

Maintain Realistic Expectations

You may not be willing to live in that particular part of the city…but it’s also possible that your dream neighborhood is out of reach financially. It’s smart to make a list of things you want in a home and things you absolutely don’t—just be sure you leave some wiggle room. You will have to compromise somewhere, so prepare yourself for the inevitability and make moves from a place of “what’s possible?”

Don't Try to See Everything

If you know you’ll hate living in a home with no back yard, don’t bother looking at those without one. Likewise, you may be tempted to stroll through all those gorgeous open houses that are waaaaay outside your budget, but we would advise against it. No need to waste time by fixating on what you can’t have or what won't feel like “home” for you. Stay the course! Your home—in your neighborhood, with your yard—is out there.

The process of finding the right property for you can be a lengthy one with its share of pitfalls and curve balls, but the Homeworks team is stacked with educated, experienced, and empathetic realtors who know how to navigate the market. We're happy to do as much or as little hand-holding as needed...we just want to help you find the space that is yours. Contact us at the number below anytime to discuss your options or get the process started.

Homeworks Property Lab, 66 Exchange Pl., SLC P: 801.810.8696

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