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Salt Lake City Neighborhoods: Marmalade

Marmalade is, without question, one of the most charming and eclectic enclaves of our city. Tucked discreetly into the greater boundaries of Capitol Hill, it’s ideally located for just about everything, thanks to its proximity to both 1-15 and Downtown proper. Bordered to the south by 300 North, it extends in a sort of triangular shape between Center St. and Quince St. up to about 900 North. This is an area in which you’ll find colorful homes of varied styles, small tree-lined streets, friendly folks (many of whom have likely lived in the area for some time), and a handful of some of Salt Lake’s favorite small businesses nearby.

The neighborhood is named appropriately: the earliest residents here planted fruit-bearing trees—echoed in street names like Almond, Quince, and Apricot—which ultimately became fruit preserves for winter storage. It’s a label that’s figuratively well-suited to the area as well; Marmalade can certainly be described as a “sweet” district of our city, thanks to its small size, cute properties, and oodles of charm. This is a neighborhood that artfully combines the excitement of city life with the serenity of an area distinctly…settled.

19th Ward Chapel and Arlo in Marmalade, Salt Lake City

modern home in marmalade, salt lake city

Marmalade Neighborhood & Local Businesses

As one might expect from an area so small, Marmalade has the feeling of a tight-knit and collaborative community. Residents are superbly situated on the Salt Lake City plat. Most of Downtown is within walking distance, pending time and weather conditions that allow for it (given our city’s expansive block sizes, of course, this depends on your starting point and destination). A number of lovely small businesses dot the streets in and around Marmalade that make it well worth a visit, whether you live here or not. Arlo (formerly Em’s, located in the old Center Street Market building) offers a charming and elevated atmosphere alongside an incredible menu that changes seasonally and a patio that is nearly unbeatable in warmer months. Marmalade Brunch House, perched on 300 West, is an easily accessed and tasty spot for whatever you crave in the mid-morning, be it beignets, benedict, ratatouille hash, or French toast (with a mimosa, of course). In addition to its proximity to all things Downtown, Marmalade is also a stone’s throw from great spots like Blue Copper Coffee, Mountain West Cider, Swimmer’s Vintage clothing, and the new Koyote Japanese restaurant. In 2016, construction completed on the Marmalade Branch of the City Library, which provided residents with two-stories (and over 18,000 square feet) of books, study rooms, a creative lab, a wrap-around terrace with views of our city, and multi-purpose space for everything from TEDx events, screenings, recitals, and a “highly popular Coffee and Chocolate Society.”

Arlo restaurant in marmalade, salt lake city

small business in marmalade, salt lake city

city library, marmalade branch, salt alek city

Marmalade Home Prices

There’s a surprising number of beautifully preserved homes and buildings in the area, the 19th Ward Chapel among them (a Russian-influenced Victorian in style, featuring an onion-shaped dome, which is now home to the Salt Lake Acting Company). As far as homes go, architecture in the Marmalade district is as varied as it is in the Avenues area—despite its small size, you’ll find everything from bungalows and Queen-Anne style homes to Victorians, adobe, and Gothic revival throughout. There are also some existing condos in the area, and those interested in multi-unit living can expect to pay anywhere from $250k to $550k or so, depending on size, views, and amenities offered. In terms of single family homes, buyers are likely to be looking at a pricing that lands somewhere between $500k and $850k. These estimates reflect sold properties in Marmalade proper, so keep in mind that homes closer to the Capitol will reflect much higher pricing.

Looking for a Home in Marmalade?

Whether you’re looking to buy a home in the Marmalade area or move on from one, our team of agents has decades of experience navigating the Salt Lake City real estate market in all seasons. If you’re in need of some guidance or just looking for a friendly face in these shark-infested waters, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

homes in marmalade, salt lake city

homes in marmalade, salt lake city

brick and modern homes in marmalade, salt lake city

19th Ward Chapel, marmalade, salt lake city

home in marmalade, salt lake city

modern home in marmalade, salt lake city


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