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Hw Homeroom: 1st Month Checklist

We know as well as anyone that buying a home is a big step. The purchase itself is an arduous and detailed process, and the minutiae involved with finally closing can leave buyers mentally, physically, and emotionally sapped. Please note: Having a realtor is a *big* help, and we have some incredible agents at Homeworks who will do all they can to make things easier for you.

But once you have those keys in hand, there’s still plenty to keep in mind. And, since you’re likely a little busy moving in, we thought it might be helpful to lay out the top 10 things you should do that could get lost in the melee.

Knock off the items below, then kick up your feet...

  1. Re-key the doors: Front, back, garage, and side—there’s no way to know for sure who has keys to any of the doors in your new home (previous owners, renters, visitors), and re-keying locks is a cost-effective way to get peace-of-mind.

  2. Re-code while you're at it: If you’re getting new keys, may as well hit the reset button on your garage door keypads and any other electronic locks in your home. Pick a number.

  3. Set the desired temp: We suggest you have your HVAC serviced upon moving in. It’ll be nice to start life in your new home at the desired temperature.

  4. Get some insurance: a small break in either your sewer line or water line can lead to the kind of necessary repairs that are both incredibly expensive and inconvenient. Best to get ahead of potential disaster with some insurance.

  5. Swap the utilities: don’t forget to put the electric, water, cable, gas, trash, etc. in your own name…for obvious reasons.

  6. Check your detectors: Who knows if “the little things” have been given due attention in recent years? Since these are life-saving devices, make sure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your new home are fully functional.

  7. Make some labels: Have a quick peek inside the electrical circuit box, and—if it’s not already been done for you—knock down the task of labeling everything correctly and making sure it’s clear for whomever needs to reference it.

  8. Save a tree: May as well take a minute to sign up for auto-pay all around, right? Mortgage, utilities, internet, etc.—you’ll know for sure that it all gets paid on the right date, and you’ll save a little paper.

  9. Tell the mail: You can do without bills in your mailbox, but changing your address with the post office, D.M.V., and voter registration is still a must. Check it off the list.

  10. Make a task list: Take a little time to review your home inspection checklist, and create a schedule. This way, you can tackle the most important items first, then get to others when you have a bit of time.


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