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10 "New" Spots to Eat (& Drink) in Salt Lake City

One of our favorite things about Salt Lake City is its delicious, diverse, and ever-burgeoning food scene. We've come so far over the past 10-15 years, and we see a LOT happening in the dining landscape of our salty valley (quite frankly, anyone who says otherwise simply isn't paying attention). From pop-ups to coffee shops, and dining out to ordering in, SLC has countless good options from which to choose.

It's particularly tough to keep up with the comings and goings of restaurants, truth be told. For every tasty spot that closes its doors for good (RIP, Tradition, Pago on Main, The Daily, Les Madeleines, Citris Grill, and many others), it seems that a few more worth trying open in their place. And while we can't claim to have tried them all, we can assert that it's our very earnest intention to do so.

Below are a few relatively "new" restaurants and coffee shops around Salt Lake City that we're happy to have on the map. If you haven't already, we highly suggest you give them a try...


1.) Koyote

This Japanese restaurant in Marmalade is getting a LOT of buzz, and for good reason. A cute interior offers small booths, banquettes, or counter seating, but the menu is the real standout. Get the ramen (obviously). Get the whipped tofu. Get the Sake-don. Get the gyoza. Get everything.

Koyote Japanese restaurant

Think: large, well-appointed space in the Post District with a fantastic wine menu, inventive dishes, a few exquisite desserts, and a James-Beard-semi-finalist Chef. Yes...this one should be on the list for your next good night out.

We don't need to say much here: if you're in the presence of a great bagel, you know it. These "hand-rolled, kettle-boiled, freshly baked" bagels are top-tier, full stop (and don't forget the homemade schmear).

baby's bagels salt lake city

Admittedly, we've yet to try this spot, BUT...they're the only game in all of Utah serving traditional Japanese fluffy pancakes (thick, light, souffle-like morsels drizzled in Matcha, Nutella, Ube sauce or the like and topped with Kumo, Oreo, or Tiramisu cream). Be advised, reservations are recommended for these billowy treats.

Recently opened by the former Takashi GM, Rich Romney, and Chef Travis Herbert, it occupies the space left behind by Pago on Main in the Felt Building. Expect a beautiful, open interior, accompanied by a solid cocktail list and menu options like the elk burger, shrimp and grits, Korean-style BBQ ribs, or Togarashi chicken. Bon apetit.

felt bar and eatery salt lake city

This minority/BIPOC-owned coffee shop is the first official one to pop up on the west side of Salt Lake City, and it's a welcome addition to the Fairpark neighborhood. The atmosphere is bustling, the seating ample, and the coffee ideal stop to sip, chat, work, or simply admire the custom, low-rider espresso machine.

Open for just over a year now, this is the place for breakfast sandwiches. Really, really good breakfast sandwiches on a brioche bun. We won't ruin the delicious surprise for you, but F&E's also gets bonus points for location—order up, then take your tasty sando for a walk around Liberty Park.

frankie and essl's salt lake city

Occupying a former industrial space that dates back to the early 20th century in the Granary District, Woodbine is home to several vendors and a remodeled interior that honors the structure's history and caters to gathering. Come for a po' boy and gumbo, ramen, pizza, sandwiches, fried chicken, sushi, or tacos. Stay for a cocktail on the roof.

9.) Matteo

This restaurant offering regional, authentic Italian food ("...we pay homage to our Italian heritage by bringing the authentic flavors of Modena, Italy to your plate...") popped up on Harvey Milk Blvd. when previous occupants, Pulp, closed. Expect a robust menu that includes caviar service, a few staples, and delicious standouts.

Another addition to the lineup on 900 South, Loki Coffee is good coffee in a very cute space. The charming exterior is met with a bright and clean interior where you'll find plants, coffee, tea, pastries, a few breakfast bites (lunch options coming soon), and a handful of carefully chosen merch items for purchase. A sunny spot for a good cup.

loki coffee shop salt lake city


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