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We are Homeworks...

Updated: May 23, 2023

One of our first official blog posts, and the subject matter should come as no surprise: we’ll just introduce ourselves.

Homeworks can be summed up in the myriad snippets you see on this website: Yes, “we’re a boutique real estate brokerage with industry expertise, fastidious practices, and a massive focus on client appreciation,” and yes, we have “an enduring belief in the power of home and the skilled professionals to help you find it.” But there’s more to it…

The incredible agents and staff who make up the Homeworks team have actually been in the real estate realm for a quite some time. We’ve helped so many others foster new beginnings at new addresses—over the last ten years, we built, created, bought, and sold on behalf of our amazing clients at another brokerage. But change is said to be the only real constant, and we decided to strike out and start something new. The business card and work address have changed, but we’re still focused on what ultimately matters in this business: you.

Property Lab is our brokerage, and we’re all about buying and selling on behalf of our clients, but our approach will be as inclusive, collaborative, and straightforward as we can make it. The importance of transparency in this business can’t be overstated—we recognize that buying and/or selling a home is a highly stressful and often complicated process. Our job is to keep you informed and in tune on the road to home. In other words, we’re more than happy to put you in your place. (See what we did there?)

Design Lab will be our contribution to the world of interiors. We know that interior design projects can often be prohibitively expensive, but we believe that “pride in place” shouldn’t be contingent on price point. Here, we’ll bring the same inclusivity and approachability, and our services will focus on small to mid-sized design projects and styling. We want to help you get your space feeling more ____________ (moody, modern, cozy, colorful, etc.), no matter your budget.

If you’re curious about who we are, what we do, or how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us…we’re happy to help however we can. Welcome to Homeworks!


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