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Top 5 Patios for Brunch in SLC

Updated: May 23, 2023

Soaring temperatures are officially here, but our fingers are crossed for at least a few more temperate mornings in the coming weeks. One lovely thing we can all count on (now that those unpredictable cold fronts are miles away) is the joy and delight that comes with a good patio brunch. Whether you’re a Saturday or Sunday bruncher, we’ve plenty of favorite spots where the mimosas are always cold, the food always tasty, and the patio ambiance always spot on. Here are just a few…

Photography: River Stephenson

1.) Tradition

Come for the food, stay for the location. Occupying the northeast corner of 500 East and 900 South, Tradition serves a dialed order of pigs in a blanket, after which you can meander across the street and take in the lazy magic of Liberty Park.

2.) Manoli’s

Don’t sleep on this one! Nearly everything on the Manoli’s brunch menu is flawless (including the myzithra pancakes and the breakfast sandwich), the staff always friendly, and the patio covered. Tip: go early, before they run out of the quiche!

3.) Oasis

We know this isn’t news…Oasis has been around for a spell. But that patio never loses its magic and the menu is as consistent as they come. Always good to wander into Golden Braid, as well, for a good book or a deck of Tarot.

4.) Copper Onion

Copper never fails where brunch is concerned, and the patio is an ideal downtown people-watching spot. The huevos here are impeccable, and once brunch is over, you can walk just 20 steps to see an independent film at Broadway Centre Cinema.

5.) Park Cafe

It’s hard to find a spot that delivers great food on the cheap, but the Park Cafe does it every time. Diner-style, but with friendlier servers, and a perfect location on the south end of Liberty Park. Prepare for a wait…it’s an SLC favorite for good reason.


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