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Best of SLC: Our Favorite Women-Owned Businesses

Homeworks Property Lab is proudly a woman-owned real estate brokerage, and lately it feels more important than ever that we express our admiration and appreciation for the women in our community that are opening/running the stores and restaurants we love to patronize. While our Exchange Place office happily houses a few other woman-owned businesses (including A\Typical Design Studio, an amazing addition to Salt Lake’s interior design scene, and Copy That Studio, a whip-smart copywriting and creative studio), we’d also like to make mention of a few of our favorites that lie elsewhere in the city.

There are plenty of enterprises in our city to choose from, and we’ve only mentioned a few here (a part two is likely in order), but below you’ll find a handful of women-owned outfits that we’ve found to be doing something pretty exceptional.

For a meal:

For morning lattes and a chia bowl, the atmosphere at The Rose Establishment can’t be beat (in particular, the patio), and the savory, bready bites churned out by Challah Back Dough quench our every craving. We’ve previously posted about our lunch-time love affair with Arempas Venezuelan arepas and empanadas, but it’s worth repeating…be sure to try this place.

For some sweets:

Having recently dropped by the Chubby Baker for a Strawberry Fresh Cream cake and a Ferrero Rocher donut, we can attest to everyone’s need to stop by, and the same desire applies to the mouth-watering Everything and Boston cream doughns at Mad Dough. Or if it’s ice cream you’re after—especially something unexpected and perfectly executed—Normal doesn’t miss. Ever.

Pictured: Thyme & Place, The Rose Est.

For a drink:

Depending on the time of day, little hits the spot like a beer, kombucha, or good cup of coffee. As luck would have it, a few of our favorite women-owned businesses serve some of the best. Publik has a few locations (one currently under construction) from which you can grab a stellar cup before work, and the Shades Brewing beer portfolio is sure to have the perfect frosty mug of your choosing after a long day. For kombucha lovers, we strongly recommend Han’s small-batch booch…this is the good stuff (and good for you).

For your health:

Arguably the most important component of our list, these places offer the ability to slow down, take a breath, and do something really great for yourself while also supporting local, women-owned businesses. For starters, Simple Modern is a progressive and welcoming practice for relational health and wellness (and therapy is good). But whole-body health also includes relief from physical pain/inflammation, and Flow Acupuncture is a great spot for some traditional Chinese medicine. And for some workout therapy (minus the gym mentality), we suggest a spin class or some yoga at Chvrch Cycle.

For your life:

Where retail is concerned, SLC has no shortage of women-owned shops with just what you’re looking for, be it a new shirt, a thoughtful gift, or something to brighten up your space. For the latter, you’re likely to find the perfect candle, plant, or piece of furniture at spots like Thyme & Place, Animalia, Shadow Play, or Salt & Honey. For some new duds—both for you and the littles—The Stockist is a sure bet, but don’t forget to try Mochi Kids. And if you’re in the market for a thoughtful card or gift, we suggest you head to Atelier, the Land of Salt, or Mineral & Matter for any number of things (jewelry, ceramics, cards, etc) that are likely to be hand-crafted and perfectly curated.

Pictured: Shadow Play
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